The Pigs

The pigs play an important working role on our new farm!   Their biggest job is to convert woodland into new fields and pastures.  With their snouts, the pigs root in dirt and turn the soil around…no plowing needed!  Most of the farm soil is light and sandy.  So in order to build up good hummus and enrich the soils, their manure will help with fertility.

In the summer, often you will find the pigs in the shade or wheeling in the mud in order to cool off because they cannot sweat.  In the colder months, they cuddle themselves into big hay heaps or lay in the sun.  Pigs are warm, loving animals!


At Brookford Farm, we choose heritage breeds such as Tamworth and Large Black.  Our pigs are very solid, vigorous and full of life and are very active outdoors.  These breeds have high-quality meat and it should be noted that chefs especially love their tender fat.


Out in the woods and pastures, the pigs find loads of roots, acorns, plants and whatever Mother Nature offers them. We supplement their diet with organic or our own grains and minerals.  They also enjoy scraps from the farm like old vegetables, whey and leftover dairy products.


On Brookford Farm, we hold about twelve sows for reproducing new piglets.  Each sow gives birth to about eight to twelve little piglets twice a year.  The piglets are with their mom for about eight to ten weeks.  At this time, the sows need a particular diet and special attention.  It is a sight to see the big moms with their cute little piggys!

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