New England Grains

clover under wheat
White clover growing under wheat enriches the health of the soil

At Brookford Farm, we put a lot of thought into supporting the natural cycles which enrich the overall health and fertility of the land. This year, we decided to join a small number of farmers who are slowly reviving the all but lost tradition of local grain farming in New England.

Better yet, our methods for grain farming create pasture-land which is far healthier after we’ve farmed it than it was before. We first sow a crop of low clover under our wheat. Since clover is a legume which is naturally able to fix the essential soil nutrient nitrogen, we circumvent the need to use synthetic fertilizers on our fields.

Another great aspect of our system for growing grain is that straw, a by-product of grain production, is necessary as a bedding material for our animals. If we didn’t grow it ourselves, we would have to import it from elsewhere, most likely using fossil fuels in the process. Moreover, this organic straw mixed with the waste from the animals creates an important ingredient in the compost we use as organic fertilizer.

Finally, because  our chickens are pastured on land which previously grew spelt and wheat, the chickens are able to collect any grain spilled during the harvesting process. Their manure, in turn, enriches the soil for the next generation of grain.

Brookford Farm wheat is a non-GMO grain. We currently offer hard red spring wheat for bread-making, and a soft white winter variety for pastries. Both are extremely high-quality and delicious flours.

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