Customer Stories

My husband and I were VERY pleased with our first CSA pickup last week! All the veggies are yummy, the eggs, milk, yogurt are delicious. It is our first time trying your pork and beef products and they are, well, amazing!! Best bacon we’ve ever had, and best NY sirloin we’ve ever had! Much better than other  farms in the area that we’ve tried. We are so happy we signed up! I have been so excited about the food I’ve been cooking and eating these past few days, I just had to share it with you… I was even taking pictures of all the pretty veggies when I got them home – they were so colorful and vibrant. But I just love how you all help create such delicious, nutritious, sustainable food. You are all passionate about what you do and it really shows in the products that you sell.

Andrea from Haverhill, MA


I love what you guys do for our community! Last summer, every morning I would drive down Baer Road on my way to work and watch you move the chickens around the field. I also have been on Sligo Road when you are moving the cows from barn to pasture. Everyone at the farm is just so kind and considerate to all the animals. I love how you really think about how to plant and use your animals so efficiently. You really research the best possible ways to lower the carbon footprint. I wish that every farm would take the time and efforts that you do to really make their farms efficient, green and healthy. Love you guys!



For the past two years we have been living on your wonderful whole milk, yogurt, glorious eggs, and meats… Nine months ago, my husband and I adopted our daughter Phoebe Li from China at age 10 months. She has been a Brookford Farm raw milk baby since the day she arrived home, and she is a happy, healthy, radiant child! We attribute this to her amazing spirit, but in large part to her diet of nourishing raw milk from your cows at Brookford Farm. Thank you for all you do, and for nourishing our family!



Hard to say what makes me happiest about your farm:

the beautiful cows grazing in the field,
the kids running around in their muddied clothes, smiling
the Quark that is so hard to find anywhere in the U.S.
the delicious rich milk
the happy chicken eggs
oh the veggies…

Thank you!


We’ve been members of four different CSAs over the past 15 years but nothing has ever matched being Brookford Farm members. Our dinners now are dominated by the great veggies, beef and pork, dairy and wonderful eggs. We’ve seen our kids become more aware of what whole foods mean to their health. Recently we even had fresh baked whole wheat bread with some of their flour. Turning into locavores for us may mean being a Brookavore in our houses.



My daughter, Hannah, used to come home every day from kindergarten nearly in tears because her tummy hurt so much.  We tried many different changes in her diet but nothing seemed to work.  Finally, we realized that the only consistent thing at school was that she would drink a carton of milk every day with her lunch.  While this was happening we came across information about Brookford Farm’s 1st CSA that was starting up.  Since we live just down the road, it seemed like a great thing to try.  My husband was very nervous about the safety of raw milk, so we did a lot of research.  We discovered that not only was it safe, but that it may actually be something Hannah could drink.  We starting purchasing milk from Brookford immediately after reading that, and were so thrilled that Hannah could drink as much as she wanted and NEVER had a tummy ache!  It is so great that she can enjoy hot chocolate or ice cream or cereal without the fear of it making her not feel well.  :)



This CSA has been a outstanding experience for us. We are delighted with all the great veggies and look forward to meat pick-ups and the variety we receive. Of course dairy and eggs are terrific. How convenient, how delicious, how locally sustainable, how wonderful!!! Thanks for all the hard work the Brookford team continues to put out to make all this possible.



I just want to say how much we have enjoyed having our CSA half-share and the delicious meat and dairy products we’ve received!  We are thankful for Brookford and appreciate all that you all do to produce such great and healthy foods.  As I have continued to research food supply and production these last few months I am just so grateful that there are farms around like Brookford where I can get food that I don’t have to worry about giving to my family.


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