Brookford Farm Staff

Catarina Mahoney — Dairy Manager

Catarina was raised for her first 18 years in Dresden which is in eastern part of Germany. Currently, her responsibility is to keep up with the every-day milk flow (sometimes overwhelming) and make cheese. Catarina also helps with the CSA program and as if that wasn’t enough in her spare time, she keeps the family and staff well fed.




Luke Mahoney – General Farm Manager

Luke is currently responsible for the management of 40 dairy cows, field cropping and overseeing the financial parts and the farm building site.






The Mahoney Boys — Farmhands

Oliver born in St. Petersburg and is  9 years old;  Emanuel born in Germany and is  6 years old and David born in NH is 2 years old.  The Mahoney boys are definitely enjoying the lively life on the farm. Oliver gets excited about anything that happens new on the farm;  Emanuel loves to help with the hard work and David really likes to visit all the farm animals.

Chris Meiser — Sales Manager

Chris has spent most of his adult life either working on farms or working for various marketing firms on Long Island in NY.  Brookford Farm is his first attempt to combine those two fields.  In his first month alone we have witnessed increased sales, but way more importantly the telephone is actually being answered.

Nigel Coco — Construction

Nigel worked for the last ten years in the construction field as a carpenter.  As the economy dried up, work has just become to inconsistent for him.  Well, we’ll take care of that.  Plenty of work and carpentry projects at Brookford.  Nigel will be also tending to the pastured poultry, and learning how to make cheddar  and cottage cheese.

Patrick Gale — Delivery

Patrick has been with us for 2 years, but has made a very important shift out of the milk room and into the delivery truck.  Brookford Farm delivery is becoming ever more complex as we often merge all our marketing channels (CSA, wholesale, farmers market) onto one truck.  Hats off to Patrick.

Marie Mukabera — Dairy

Marie lives with her family in Concord.  Moving from Burundi,only six months ago Marie has come along way with her English and plays a pivotal role in the Creamery.  We all get a chance to brush up on our French as well.





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